about me


Hello, I am Brandon Forsythe. I write and maintain this site. My primary job (other than husband and Father) is working as a Researcher/Watershed Specialist in Central Pennsylvania.


My interest in watersheds began when I started working at the US Geological Survey as an intern in 2007 in the great state of Alaska. I worked at the USGS as Hydrologic Technician. My role began primarily to prepare and maintain water quality equipment for field sampling. Examples of work include washing bottles and labeling bottles, calibrating water quality sondes, and assisting with sampling. As I progressed in my schooling and work experience I was able to work on my local stream sites to monitor discharge and water quality.

Maintaining stream gages consisted of learning and mastering a variety of data logging sytems and sensors. Data loggers used at the time were Sutron’s and Design Analyis systems. Sensor types included:

  • Vented and non-vented pressure transducers for stream and groundwater level
  • Radar for stream level
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Precipitation (tipping buckets and weigning buckets)
  • ISCO autosamplers

In my current position as a researcher/watershed specialist at Penn State University I have had the oppurtunity to expand my knowledge of sensors. I have become very efficient in Campbell Scientific sensors and data loggers, programming them using their proprietary CRBasic language and many of the periphials that can used with their systems (NL100, Cell Modems, multidrop interfaces, radios, and numerous others). In addition to the sensors listed above I have now become proficent using several other sensors:

  • Campbell Scientific equipment (examples below):
    • CR1000
    • CR1000X
    • CR3000
    • Cell210
    • MD485
    • CSAT
    • CS215/HMP60
    • TE525
    • OBS-3+
    • 5103 Wind Monitor
    • CS655
    • TDR
  • Laser Precipitation Monitors (LPM)
  • Eddy Covariant Systems
    • LICOR Infrared Gas Analyzers
    • Sonic Anemometers
  • Portable photosynthesis systems (LI - 6400)
  • Snow Scales and sonic depth finders
  • Flumes (installation and calibrating)
  • Arduino’s & Raspberri Pi’s
  • VanEssen micro-diver pressure transducers
  • Lysimeters
  • O2 and CO2 automated sensors

In Addition to the sensors and associated hardware I also assist in maintaining data websites using a CMS, HTML, PHP, and SQL. The website is linked here: SSH CZO Data